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SXSW 2013 Wrap Up

What a week!  We’re back home in Santa Monica now, ears ringing and coming down from all the excitement and the flood of great new music we’re ready to share with you.  Check out our KCRW Music Blog for the full articles.

Anthony Valadez

SXSW 2013 will forever be the year that pierced my heart with memories. There are many  that come to mind but I will stick with a couple that left me inspired and hopeful for the future of music.  Read More »

Tyler Hale

SXSW has come and gone and just like a sailor’s trip on the high seas – I’ve got a few stories to tell.  In total, I managed upwards 40 artists across the 4 day span but below are a few of ‘em that cut through the noise of it all and capitalized at the capitol.  Read More »

Collin Walzak

My first ever trip to Austin for SXSW is in the books and I’m already thinking about ’14. I tried really hard to balance the two types of shows you’ll encounter: The big, drool-inducing corporate sponsored showcases and the low-key corner bar with unknown band names. It was good to have the option to do both, but it was hard to face this reality; I missed 95% of all the shows.  Read More »

Rachel Reynolds

Over 2,200 bands played over 100 venues (official and unofficial) at SXSW 2013. It’s quite daunting to sum it up, but one of the best parts of the festival is the “choose your own adventure” nature of things. Everyone has a completely different experience based on chance encounters, flippant decisions, and what their weariness will allow them to accomplish after days and days of hoofing it around the city of Austin.  Read More »